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In recent years, Japan has been working toward progressive globalization in various fields including enterprise activities overseas, economics, academics, and culture. Furthermore, this initiative will only accelerate through the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games when opportunities to communicate with foreign visitors are expected to dramatically increase in Tokyo.

In this era, it is essential to develop individuals who are able to take actions worldwide with respects for other people, independent thinking and creativity.

In the above recognition, the Tokyo Board of Education promotes initiatives for global human resources development with three pillars—English Proficiency, International Mindset, and Sense of Awareness and Pride in Japan.

English Proficiency

Living in global society, it is important to develop English proficiency, and positive attitude toward taking active communication with an open-mind, appropriate recognition of intention or thoughts of others and logical thinking and communicability. In addition, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games is a trigger of increasing opportunities for communication with foreign visitors, students are required to enhance communication ability with English language.

(IMG)English Proficiency

International Mindset

Since progress of globalization requires coexistence with different cultures and international cooperation, people need the capability to cultivate the future in collaboration with various countries. Although so-called “domestic-orientation” is sometimes pointed out as an attitude of Japanese youth in recent years, this attitude should be changed, it is crucial for the development of leaders of the next generation who are able to act on the international stage and drive the future of Tokyo and Japan.

(IMG)International Mindset

Sense of Awareness and Pride in Japan

In a global era, it is important that people recognize they are a part of international society and communicate actively with respect for the customs and cultures of others. As a first step, it is important that children understand and cherish their own Japanese culture. To realize that goal, children are required to understand history, traditions and culture of Japan and their local area, and respect these legacies. This enables them to enrich cultural fundamentals as a human being and Japanese and develop the pride for their hometown and country.

(IMG)Sense of Awareness and Pride in Japan

The Tokyo Portal for International Education, as a platform of policies and initiatives, seeks to offer real and useful information for teachers, students, parents, citizens, foreign who are interested in becoming JETs or ALTs, potential overseas partners of sister-schools or any other exchange style taken in public schools.