Diverse Link Tokyo Edu (project to support the building of the WWL Consortium)

In FY2019 the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education began implementing its "Diverse Link Tokyo Edu" initiative, designed to provide more advanced and more creative inquiry-based learning through social and worldwide relationships in order to foster a more global citizenship compatible with the new era.
This initiative was selected as a project to support the building of the WWL (World Wide Learning) Consortium, a new FY2019 endeavor sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

Diverse Link Tokyo Edu

Overview Poster(PDF:1.2MB)
Conceptual Overview(PDF:618.9KB)
Governing body Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education
Base school Tokyo Metropolitan Minamitama Secondary Education School
Collaborating school Tokyo Metropolitan Hakuo Senior High School - Junior High School
Associated schools Tokyo Global 10
Intellectual research innovator school
Project period 3 years (FY2019-FY2021)

Governing Body Activities

Coordination with external organizations concerning Diverse Link Tokyo Edu

MOUs signed regarding Diverse Link Tokyo Edu

Signing Parties MOU Signing Dates
Study Queensland, Trade and Investment Queensland (Australia) June 25, 2019
Queensland University of Technology (Australia) June 27, 2019
Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) August 9, 2019
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology September 27, 2019