On November 1, 2016, Tokyo BOE had the educational opportunities with British Columbia.

This event was held based on the Agreement of Memorandum of Understanding with the British Colombia Ministry of Education, Canada, FY2015.

This was a new attempt by the Tokyo BOE to hold such an event.

Venue landscape

・Opening remarks
・Presentation about 『Efforts of Global Human Resource Development in Tokyo’s Public schools』by Tokyo BOE.
・Presentation about 『Overview and Advantages studying in BC』by BC Council for International Education.
・one-on-one meeting

Mr. Avrom Salsberg, Managing Director,
British Columbia Trade and Investment Representative Office, Japan
Presentation about 『Overview and advantages studying in BC』by BC Council for International Education.

Participants introduced their school and talked about the future cooperation. They talked a lot and their meeting continued until the appointed time.


In order to promote international exchange and cooperation, Tokyo BOE will make multi-faceted supports including the opportunity of information exchange such as this event.