Metropolitan English Teaching Material: "Welcome to Tokyo"

The BOE published unique English educational materials entitled "Welcome to Tokyo" in FY 2015, and currently delivers these materials to all Tokyo public elementary school students in grades 3 and above.

The BOE intends to make effective use of these materials in a variety of settings, mainly classrooms, with the goals of improving English communication ability, and facilitating understanding for both Tokyo and Japanese culture and history.

The BOE published "Welcome to Tokyo," and currently delivers these materials to all Tokyo public elementary school students in grades 3 and above. "Welcome to Tokyo" is available in four versions. The Elementary, Basic, and Intermediate versions were made in FY 2015. The Beginner version was made in FY 2017.
The BOE is also facilitating further use of these education materials, such as creating guidance materials for teaching.

Outline of teaching materials


Target: 3rd and 4th grade elementary school students (distributing booklets)

This volume will have students talk with nine original characters about such topics as well-known animals, ways of playing, insects, and flowers, as well as learn about the characters’ favorite places in Tokyo. Provided are projects that teach target expressions through role-plays and chants, and students will hold conversations and give presentations while using vocabulary pages with included audio tracks. A detachable alphabet card is provided at the end of the book.



Target: 5th and 6th grade elementary school students (distributing booklets and DVDs)

Nine original characters introduce noteworthy and appealing aspects unique to Tokyo. Tourist attractions, special products and events in Tokyo's 62 municipalities are featured in picture cards. These cards can be used for activities and projects (investigative learning) dealt with in the teaching materials.



Target: Junior high school students (distributing booklets and DVDs)

In a drama of discovery showcasing the charm of Tokyo, a city both old and new, high school student Sakura visits all sorts of places with Robin, a homestay student staying at her house. Sakura's neighbor Ricky has a segment introducing parts of Tokyo.



Target: High school students (distributing booklets and DVDs)

These materials tell the story of high school student Kana and video journalist Emma going around collecting data on different parts of Tokyo. Through their perspectives, students gain deep insight into Tokyo from several angles. You can also see "Emma's Report," a documentary Emma makes based on the data they collect.